Blog: Surviving The Summer Naturally

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Blog: Surviving The Summer Naturally

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Summer! The season we look forward to the most. Where there is lots of sunshine, swimming, bbq’s, social gatherings aplenty, berries, stone fruits - all the best kinds of wonderful that lift our mood after the cold wintery months. But with all this bright and cheerfulness comes dehydrated (and sometimes a bright shade of pink) skin, pollen’s moving through the air which in turn causes sore, itchy eyes, running nose, congestion and a lot of antihistamines among other things which often make our enjoyable summer months, well, not so enjoyable. SO! what if I told you there are natural alternatives that are hugely effective that can keep your summer spirits high!



Let’s start with a refreshing After Sun Spray!


You spent the entire day at the beach, in the garden or lazing by the pool and you're 50 shades of pink. Your skin is feeling awfully dehydrated and a little stingy. An After Sun Spray can be whipped up in no time with these simple ingredients.

  30ml Spray Bottle

  10 drops each of Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense

  1 tbsp of a carrier oil (eg. Fractionated coconut oil)

  Add ½ Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel (Optional)

  Fill remainder of bottle with distilled water and keep in the fridge to make it extra cooling.

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One of my favourite essential oils of all time! Let me tell you why - It has SO many uses!! I’m sure you will be familiar with its calming and relaxation properties but did you know Lavender is also great for skin? It’s a gentle oil which is very soothing and is great for stopping the itch with itchy bites, calming rashes, sunburn, bee stings you name it Lavender will be there to assist you in your skin needs.



Seasonal Allergies


So commonly over the warmer months that summer breeze loves to move the pollens throughout the air and ruffle up our airways and allergies. A simple solution of combining Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils will quickly alleviate those hay fever like symptoms.

You can use this trio in a number of ways. From adding a drop of each to the palm of your hand, rub hands together, cup your face and take some big deep breaths. Add them to a roller bottle, top with a carrier oil of your choice then roll onto the back of your neck, behind your ears and soles of your feet.  Or add this trio to your diffuser (it not only works great but it smells Ahhhh-mazing!)

See ya red, watery, itchy eyes and running nose!




Cool Down Spray


Some days it’s just too hot to handle and we need to cool the body down! Why not try this quick and easy cool down spray?

You will need:

  30ml Spray bottle

  10 drops each of Peppermint and Spearmint

  1 tbsp Witch Hazel

  Fill remainder of bottle with distilled water and keep in the fridge to make it extra cooling. 



Headaches and Head Tension


Who else forgets to stay hydrated over the summer months? I’m a terrible culprit!! And I wear the brunt of it from the early afternoon, usually with a killer headache and sometimes a nasty migraine. But never the less a quick fix of chugging back some water and rubbing Peppermint essential oil into my forehead and back of my neck and I’m put right. On the days where its particularly bad I like to pair the Peppermint essential oil with doTERRA’s IceBlue blend for an extra kick.





So there you have it! Some quick and easy ways to make the summer months more enjoyable without the need for toxic and chemically driven products.

Now I want you to know know not all essential oil brands are created equal. I challenge you to do your research and before you race off to your cupboard to whip up one of these please check the labels to ensure they are safe for topical use. You  may be surprised to learn that many aren’t! That’s why I align myself with doTERRA essential oils. They are the biggest and best essential oil company in the world with a reputation to prove it. Their rigorous testing is a level above any other brand you will come across so you can be assured quality and safety when using their essential oils.


If you would personally like some help with introducing these essential oils into your life or daily routines then Lets Chat!! I would love to provide you with more info and ongoing support. Helping others live a low tox life is something I am incredibly passionate about and I would love for you to join our tribe!

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I wish you a wonderful long and dreamy summer!